Not in the Brochure – Marriage

Not in the Brochure – Marriage

THIS wasn’t in there. Sure, there were lots and lots of great, happy things like kissing and hugging, traveling with your wonderful life partner. Having babies and playing with them, nurturing them…and don’t forget the family dog and the sunny pictures of beds filled with smiling faces…you, your children…and Fido.

Yes, those were all in there. But there’s a reason why the conscription vows include in sickness and in health–

What? You caught that, did you?

Yeah, conscription, because some days there are no smiling, happy, healthy faces and marriage, even to the best of partners, can feel like a compulsory duty.  Like when your spouse has a lung condition (or insert another severe disease) and aside from consoling and attempting to play nurse (that seriously was NOT in the brochure) you can’t force him to do what he doesn’t want to.  <Sigh> Only Momma could that!

Today, we are both sick. Like some loathsome intruder, the virus hoped on board my husband and entered our love nest! And in the process of kissing and hugging (yep, they were IN the brochure!) we are now sharing that nasty slut name Virus!

Yeah, “Les, Honey, time for those new glasses!”


But today is today and hopefully, we will both feel better soon. Our nest is empty aside from our cat (no, don’t get me started on HIM!)

And, the brochure? Well, they did get one thing right, even on the darkest day, my husband still makes me smile and more often than not, laugh as if it is his mission in life. I like to think, I do the same…

Thanks for reading! May your good days be plenty and your bad, barely a memory.



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