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I Found You Again Today

I Found You Again Today

I found you again today
What’s it been, thirty years?
You still look great, same great
Smile, same clear blue eyes,
You haven’t aged at all,
You were with your family,
Just like I left you, lying
There, inside that wooden box,
The big one in the basement,
I was cleaning up a bit, good
Thing to do every thirty
Years or so, has it been that
Long? Seems like just yesterday
When I said goodbye, surrounding
You with mothballs, you were
Wearing your favorite shirt, blue
Like your eyes, your wife so lovely
And perfect…in her dress, and
The twins, what were their names?
No matter, we had fun, all those
Summer days and nights, there
On the floor of my bedroom,
Oh, look at the spot, there on her
Dress, it was red, wasn’t it, and
Now it’s faded rusty pink,
But you, you still have that look
You were so surprised,
Yes, you never thought I’d do it,
You thought you had a good thing
That we were forever, the five
Of us, but I grew older and got
Wise and so, you all went away,
Packed inside this wooden box
Surrounded by mothballs in
The corner of my basement.




My Narrow Escape from Life Inside a Box

My Narrow Escape from Life Inside a Box

I dreamed of you last night,
This time it was her heart
You broke, not mine, and
I… I no longer wanted you,

Did I still love you?
Yes, that much remained
But you, you were tainted, and
I… I no longer trusted you,

Were you ever true? Or
Was I an escape, a reprieve
From a box guilt and
Religion chose for you?

How strange it was to see you
The man I once esteemed,
Now stuck…inside that box,
The same box I once climbed into,

I laugh at the reality, You
Always were so different, Content
To follow rules society, the church
Dictated, A life I could never live,

Thank you for “discarding” me…
I am free, free to thrive
While you remain… Forever
Tucked inside your box.



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