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Here are my currently available stories as well as news of what is coming soon!

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My Father’s Magic: An Esme Bohlin Suspense Novel

At the tender age of six, he stole her from her mother’s arms. Blocking her memory, she was left vulnerable to his dark magic.

Upon puberty, she became a tool to satisfy his greed. Then, the sorcerer acquired an apprentice and Esme’s life would never be the same.

This is the story of love, compassion, betrayal, and a young woman’s courage against all odds. It is also the story of a mother’s love and the child who, even with a blocked memory, never gave up hope of their reunion.

And there’s the house, an old stone house in the middle nowhere… Or so Esme thinks until she’s accused of trespassing by a neighbor claiming to be an old friend, is welcomed home by a voice with no body, and is awakened in the middle of the night by a furry intruder.

And it all begins with a key. A skeleton key left in an old desk just waiting for her to find it.

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For those who love the tales from the Dark Side of Fiction…

My Dark Desert Tales (Short Stories)


A Dark Desert Tale: Fresh Meat

After his grandmother’s death, a young boy learns there are

scarier things than bullies.



A Dark Desert Tale: A Home for Rose

Some treasures given up by the desert, are best left buried.




 Coming Soon!

The Second Novel in the Esme Bohlin Suspense Series –


An Exerpt:

She paced.

“What are you waiting for?” The spirit demanded.

“I can’t do this. Please don’t make me do this!” the small brown-clad faerie cried. Receiving no response, she continued her pacing.

“Stop. This. Pacing. You’re making me dizzy.”

Immediately she stopped, wishing she had never accepted Queen Vivianna’s request. “I’m not a killer and Pratt’s my friend.”

“Dori, allow me to remind you. You were destined at birth by the mere mention of your name to hold my spirit within you. You, my dear brownie, have no choice.”


Coming Soon to the World of Horror –

Five brand new dark desert tales!

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My Father’s Magic book signing offer


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