The Worst Pain of My Life – Fibromyalgia

The Worst Pain of My Life – Fibromyalgia

This is for those who have been diagnosed with this little-understood disease, Fibromyalgia.

The Worst Pain of My Life

Five times, yes, five times, I had gone to the Emergency Room. Each time with increasing pain seeking help. I knew something was very wrong, but what?

Five times that I don’t regret. Every time I learned something  about the system…and my body. Five times, each more painful, each receiving temporary relief…until this last time. Last week. Thursday.

Last Thursday

Les and I entered the Emergency Room. I was crying, whimpering. I was on Tramadol, 50 mg, and Arthritis Strength Tylenol round the clock, neither was touching the pain. It was unbearable. I had even considered killing myself.  I wasn’t sleeping. I was hurting too much.

Thankfully this was deemed “new” pain. They had found my a broken rib on an x-ray a month ago. Yet, the pain was never where the broken rib was said to be. When I mentioned that to the previous ER doctor, he had replied, “Referred pain.”

None of it made sense, yet the pain was still there and getting worse.

Last Thursday. This time I saw a VA Nurse Practitioner. We argued. I cried. She had an insight. She believed I was having a Fibromyalgia Flare.

I received two injections, Toradol in one shoulder and anti-inflammatory medication in the other.  Because the pain was still too intense, she gave me Valium to relax me and sent me home with Diazepam.

me in my natural habitat


A few details of my background. I was raised a farmer. I am a twelve-year military veteran.

For the last eight years, I have acted as the “arborist” on our tree farm. I am no stranger to hard work and intense labor. I am no lightweight to pain. I have given birth without medication, shattered bones in a near-fatal car accident and suffered through endometriosis and a near-ruptured appendix. Yet, this, this has been the worst pain of my life…


The pain from a torn rotator cuff and the broken rib are still there, but I’m sleeping again and I’m working again. Life is good, the pain is manageable and I am working with the VA toward healing and hopefully, managing the Fibromyalgia better.


The best definition of Fibromyalgia I have found came from

“Fibromyalgia is also called fibromyalgia syndrome. A syndrome is a group of symptoms that happen together. People with fibromyalgia experience aches and pain all over the body, fatigue (extreme tiredness that does not get better with sleep or rest), and problems sleeping.

It [Fibromyalgia] may be caused by a problem in the brain with nerves and pain signals. In other words, in people with fibromyalgia, the brain misunderstands everyday pain and other sensory experiences, making the person more sensitive to pressure, temperature (hot or cold), bright lights, and noise compared to people who do not have fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia has been compared to arthritis. Like arthritis, fibromyalgia causes pain and fatigue. But, unlike arthritis, fibromyalgia does not cause redness and swelling, or damage to your joints.”

Fibro Flares

For those who have Fibromyalgia, this is the best information I have found regarding Flares…

Other good information regarding Fibromyalgia…



There are a number of groups online providing information, support and adding comic relief when you’d rather laugh than cry. Here are a few:


The Fibro Warrior

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Other Online Groups:


And for those of us living with Chronic Pain in Arizona

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