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Category: Poetic Expressions

My Narrow Escape from Life Inside a Box

My Narrow Escape from Life Inside a Box

I dreamed of you last night,
This time it was her heart
You broke, not mine, and
I… I no longer wanted you,

Did I still love you?
Yes, that much remained
But you, you were tainted, and
I… I no longer trusted you,

Were you ever true? Or
Was I an escape, a reprieve
From a box guilt and
Religion chose for you?

How strange it was to see you
The man I once esteemed,
Now stuck…inside that box,
The same box I once climbed into,

I laugh at the reality, You
Always were so different, Content
To follow rules society, the church
Dictated, A life I could never live,

Thank you for “discarding” me…
I am free, free to thrive
While you remain… Forever
Tucked inside your box.



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