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I grew up the youngest of four children on a small family farm in rural Pennsylvania. I first discovered a love of storytelling at my grandmother’s dining room table where I played for hours using the various unusual and colorful bottles I’d find on her bathroom shelves. Those bottles with their uniqueness would be my characters with names, personalities and desires all their own.

While my grandmother was just inches away in the kitchen baking bread, cakes and cookies, I’d be eons away lost in my imaginary world. Sadly, my grandmother is no longer with us, but I have never forgotten how amazed she was at my stories and it is her memory that keeps me writing.

At nineteen, I left home and joined the Air Force where my life became slightly more disciplined and far more complex. In truth, it wasn’t a good fit, but I did get to travel, earn my Bachelor’s Degree and discover a wealth of stories just waiting to be told.

Today, I live with my wonderful husband and two furry babies in the far reaches of the Sonoran Desert. Aside from writing and enjoying time with my family, I love to read, travel and spend countless hours wandering my natural surroundings wherever I may roam. Be it one of the fifty states, Germany, Switzerland, England, Italy, or Australia, everywhere I go I imagine the lives of the people I encounter and the natural (or unnatural) inhabitants living there.

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