Your Legacy

Your Legacy

Your Legacy

For years, I watched you, learned from you,

You were my father, my role model,

For good or bad, right or wrong, indifferent,

Emotionally, you were luke-warm,

Physically, strong, determined, stoic,

Burying your pain, your sorrow and even loss

Deeper and deeper, inside you,

Do I mourn for you now?

In truth, I never knew you,

But I do mourn, not for you but, rather

What could have been, the relationship

We never had, the open, honest and even loving

Father-Daughter bond we could have shared,

Even today, when I think of you, I feel nothing

Perhaps that was what you intended, all along.

2 Replies to “Your Legacy”

  1. Ingrid I feel the same as you feel in a sense but you see, my soul stands more out of sorrow when I read this poem. I did not have this kind of pain you had with your dad, I was close with mine, we had so much goodness from him, with his passing my soul took a left turn and never recovered. that is why I am still in so much pain.

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for your comment. I’m so glad you and your father were close. He sounds like a wonderful man! And I’m sorry for your loss and your pain. I’m also extremely thankful that you had such a wonderful father!

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